Company This is the backbone of INOXPA´s philosophy, demonstrated in our constant commitment to meeting our customers’ needs. The company´s journey over the last four decades has focused on achieving this objective. While the growth and progressive development of its human, technological and industrial infrastructure has allowed the company to expand its operations over five continents, efforts invested in the internationalisation of the company have always maintained their characteristic local and familiar dimension. History The group known today as INOXPA found its roots in an old water pump factory in Carrer Girona, Banyoles, almost four decades ago (1972). Originally called Bombas Félez, it was the company´s general manager and alma mater, Candi Granés, who steered the business towards specialising in the manufacture of stainless steel pumps for the food-processing industry. It wasn’t a new product concept, so new developments were essential in what was an already saturated market
Mission and strategy We function as both a local and a global company at the same time. This may seem to be a contradiction in terms, but it is not. In order to become a reputed multinational company, we must also invest in local markets, converting them into centers where both production and consumption take place.
Case studies From its very first moment, INOXPA has had but one objective: to satisfy the needs of its customers. To achieve this goal, INOXPA is committed to bringing a quality service closer to the customers. In support of this mission, we have established branch offices and distribution points throughout the world, creating an extensive commercial fabric which allows us to understand and attend to the specific demands of every sector and every country.
Trade shows INOXPA participates in trade fairs, dedicated to food, wine, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, all over the world. Relevant information can be found here
News The most interesting news regarding INOXPA’s activity all over the world, or on specialized fluid handling equipment.
Office locater INOXPA has branches in 15 countries and a network of more than one hundred distribution points around the world. The fundamental objective of this international trading network is to remain in constant contact with the customer and to adapt in situ to customer requirements, given that each region has its own specific conditions.
Contact Use this contact form to get in touch with us. Thanks to the Group's extensive sales network, INOXPA can guarantee a fast and reliable service worldwide.
Career INOXPA specialises in manufacturing and marketing stainless steel components and fluid handling equipment, process management, and services for the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. INOXPA is a major business group with offices all over the world. Find your opportunity and join our team!


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White Steel GmbH started in 1970. Since then, the company has steadily developed and set new course in order to optimally meet the needs of the market and its customers. Today, White Steel GmbH is a globally operating and leading company that stands for outstanding technologies worldwide, in particular for the pharmaceutical and chemical food industry.

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