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 In 1980, INOXPA opened a branch in Perpignan, France, which was its first branch outside of Spain. This marked the beginning of the company´s internationalization process which has continued over the last 15 years, with the establishment of a hundred distribution points around the world. The company´s central distribution point remained in Banyoles, in the heart of the Pla de l’Estany region, until 1987.


 Founded in Banyoles, Spain, INOXPA is a renowned and long-standing business group specialized in the manufacture and sale of stainless steel fluid handling components and equipment, management of processes and services in the food-processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has allowed INOXPA to enter the global market without compromising its product quality or customer relations.


 From its very first moment, INOXPA has had but one objective: to satisfy the needs of its customers. To achieve this goal, INOXPA is committed to bringing a quality service closer to the customers. In support of this mission, we have established branch offices and distribution points throughout the world, creating an extensive commercial fabric which allows us to understand and attend to the specific demands of every sector and every country.

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 We are committed to achieving major technological advances: more effective solutions at highly competitive costs and with quality as our distinguishing feature. INOXPA´s strategy is underpinned by its “two-i"" policy, innovation and internationalization. For the company, this means constant reinvention and the search for emerging markets. Large businesses or SMEs that have remained passive or have not invested in development have already disappeared or are experiencing major problems with keeping their businesses alive.

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