Jun 18, 2019

1-Cheese chopping and packaging line PFCS-C P

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Cheese shredding and packing line consist of:

– Cheese shredding machine: it’s a chamber used to place the cheese moulds equipped with a piston that propels the mould into a rotary knife that shreds it.

– Conveyor: Made of Stainless Steel (304) with a plastic belt to transfer the Cheese from the shredding machine to the blending drum.

– Powder feeding unit: Consist of Funnel and tube equipped from inside with spiral to feed powder continuously.

– Blending Drum: To mix the shredded Cheese with powder to prevent sticking, made of Stainless Steel (304), with fixed internal blades.

– Automatic Lifter for the product (Line Conveyor, Z shape) to lift the product to the Weighing cells.

– The platform for the Weighing cells.

– Weighing cells ensure the continuous and regular product flow during the filling process, equipped with an electronic scale, the control panel controls the desired weight.

– Vertical packing machine: it is filled the shredded Cheese in pouches with a multiple sizes



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